Why You Should be Using An Energy Consultant

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Why should you be using an energy consultant? Lights, cash registers, and computers, what do they all have in common? The energy they use to operate. In this day and age, if you are a business owner, one of your unavoidable monthly bills you must pay is to the electric company. Did you know there are some states that give you an option of who you buy your electricity from? The possible savings on your electric bill are obviously desirable. However, combing through all available retail energy suppliers to find the best deal can be time consuming. This is where an energy consultant or broker comes into play.

What is an Energy Consultant or Broker?

Before we can discuss what an energy consultant or broker is, we need to dive into why they exist.  There are currently two different categories that states fall into when discussing energy.  The state you reside in and operate from can be either a regulated state or a deregulated state when it comes to energy. 

Regulated-States that have regulated energy buy their electricity straight from the companies that generate it.  The consumers in these states have no choice of supplier.  Unfortunately, the energy generating companies have the electrical grid divided into sections or regions. Your energy generating company is the only supplier for your region creating a natural monopoly for electrical energy. 

Deregulated- Deregulated states allow their consumers a little more freedom.  Although you will still only have one energy generating company for your region, that company sells energy in large units at a wholesale price to retail energy suppliers in their area.  Consumers then have the choice of retail energy suppliers that they would like to buy their electricity from. There are currently 18 deregulated states that utilize retail energy suppliers.  

If you reside or own a business in a deregulated state, congratulations, you have the opportunity to work with an energy broker. An energy broker is a person that will help you find the retail energy supplier that best fits your business needs. 

While energy brokers are focused on providing your business with the best fit between your business and your retail energy provider, an energy consultant “is responsible for evaluating a company or household’s energy consumption to identify alternatives that would minimize energy costs without compromising the quality of resources.” (zippia.com

Benefits Of Using An Energy Broker 

As a business owner, an energy broker can be very useful. The benefits of using one are numerous.  However, we will focus on five reasons your business should be using an energy broker.  

Lowest Rates– An energy broker will negotiate on your behalf.  These negotiations guarantee pricing that will be at or below current market levels. With your negotiated contracts, it will not matter how much the energy market rises, as you will have a low, fixed-rate contract. 

Fees– Fees for energy broker services are paid by suppliers.  This means your benefits from brokerage services are FREE.   

Convenience– All the work associated with finding the best rate for your business is done by the energy broker. This frees you and your employees up to focus on your business tasks.  

Expertise- Just as you become an expert in your field, energy brokers are experts in theirs.  They have industry knowledge that the average business owner doesn’t.  This includes retail energy suppliers and their offerings.   

Support– depending on the broker you use, your relationship with them can be ongoing.  They can offer support and assistance as needed.

GreenStar Solutions is THE Energy Consultant for Your Service Needs

When you’re looking for an energy solution for your business it can be difficult to know where to start. An energy broker takes the guesswork out of shopping around. GreenStar Solutions is an energy broker here for all your power needs. We want you to be paired perfectly with the retail energy provider that suits you best, not just the one everyone else in your area uses.

We will work tirelessly to find the rate and service that fits you best and are dedicated to ensuring you are using your electrical resources in the most efficient manner. When you use GreenStar Solutions for your energy needs, you will receive both top-notch energy brokerage services as well as energy consultant services. Ready to power up your energy journey? Contact us today!

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