Renewable and Green Energy

Go Renewable and Green:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Reduce greenhouse emissions
  • Improve public perception

Why Renewable and Green Energy?

Green Energy is the only renewable resource (resource that will not run out) that we currently have access to. Sourced straight from the sun and the wind, green energy will be available forever, as long as we have the technology to convert it into electricity.

Solar Panels

Solar panels harness sunlight and convert it into electricity. These panels connect to the electrical power grid, adding to the nation’s supply of energy.

Why choose solar panels?

  • Low cost: Once solar panels are placed and paid for, energy bills drop significantly.
  • Availability: Sunlight will be available for millions of years.
  • Flexibility: Solar panels can be installed in a variety of places, including the tops of buildings.

Wind Power

Wind turbines harness the wind to generate electricity.

Why choose wind power?

  • Efficient: Wind turbines are 30-50% efficient, while emitting low greenhouse gases.
  • Inexpensive: Energy from wind turbines is sold at a fixed price, with no impact from the market.
  • Reliable: Wind turbines work in all types of weather, even when it’s cloudy.

Benefits of Using an Energy Broker

If you would like to look into the use of green energy for your business, GreenStar is here for you. At no cost to you, our dedicated energy experts can explain all the pros and cons of utilizing green energy in your business.

The Negotiation

By professionally negotiating your contracts now, we can ensure that your pricing will be AT OR BELOW CURRENT MARKET LEVELS and your low, fixed-price contract will not increase with the rising energy market.

No Consultation Fees

Our fee to you – $0.00. We don’t charge you any fee for our consultative services. Regardless of which electric or natural gas company you choose, our fee is paid by the suppliers.

The Convenience

We do all the work for you. As your Consultant, we will perform any necessary task while you are a customer of GreenStar Solutions, so you can focus on your business!