Green Business Energy choices for your business 

Green business energy

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Have you heard about green business energy? Maybe not, buy you definitely have heard about global warming. There are many people on both sides of the debate on our waning natural resources, and in years past, the hole in the ozone layer. In more recent times, we have seen that when people are forced to stay home, smog is greatly reduced. (Which seems intuitive.) 

No matter which way you look at it, hopefully everyone can agree that humans have a big impact on the earth. What’s more concerning is that humans are depleting our natural resources at an alarming rate. However, there are tons of ways we can all play a part in taking care of our planet, and we have good news for you today. 

You can make a difference in saving our resources by switching to green business energy, and it is not as complicated as it sounds. There once was a time where fossil fuels were the most accessible energy source, but those days are long gone. Nowadays green energy is just as accessible and better yet affordable as a source of energy. If you are a little lost on what we mean, read on for a little bit of context. 

What types of Energy are Available for your Business? 

There are different types of primary energy sources (where we get our energy from) and they can be divided into renewable and non-renewable. Fossil Fuels (petroleum, natural gas, and coal) are non-renewable which means they are going to run out eventually and furthermore they are harmful to the environment because when they are burnt to produce electricity they release carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas that causes air pollution and ozone layer depletion. Despite this, they remain the most used energy source. 

Now on to the good news. There are plenty of renewable and green energy sources out there to choose from. These resources, as the name implies, are completely renewable because they come from elements found in nature that replenish over time, meaning we are not running out of them. We now have the technology to turn wind, sunlight, and even water into electricity. So, what green business energy would work best for you? There’s two widely used sources of green business energy, which are: 

Solar Panels 

Solar panels produce electricity from the sunlight that they harness. They are connected to the electrical power grid, adding to the nation’s supply of energy. One of the best benefits that they provide (other than saving mother earth) is that they lower energy bills significantly. They can be installed in a variety of places including the tops of buildings, and they will always be available for as long as there’s sunlight.  

Wind Power 

Air flow can be used to power wind turbines. A wind turbine transforms wind kinetic energy into electrical energy. The energy produced by wind turbines is sold at a fixed price, which means it’ll be fairly inexpensive for your business. They emit a very low amount of greenhouse gases, which allows them to keep their place in the green energy category. As rare as it sounds, wind turbines work in all types of weather, so they’re always producing energy even if it’s cloudy or rainy. 

Why is Green Business Energy beneficial for your business? 

Switching to green business energy can have a bigger impact on the planet than you may think and be beneficial to you in the long run as well. Whether you run a small, medium or large business switching to green energy sources makes a difference in slowing down global warming to help our planet heal. Furthermore, it is way less expensive in the long run and you have the safety of knowing that you won’t be running out of energy any time soon. 

GreenStar Energy Solutions: 

Decided to become the superhero our planet needs? Our energy brokers at Green Star Solutions can help you find the best green business energy option for you by providing the most reliable electricity supplier at the most affordable rates for your business. Yep, we do all the negotiating and worrying for you, so you can continue to focus on running your business. We are energy experts, so we can ensure you get below or at market level prices for the most reliable services. 

Oh! We almost forgot to mention that we do this at no cost to you, so no need to worry about consultation fees either. So, get in touch with us and we can get started on your green business energy journey.  

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