Finding A Business Energy Broker Near Me 

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Do you own a business and are you looking for a new “energy broker near me” supplier? If you said yes, this blog is for you! We would like you to consider using an energy broker to help you on your journey to finding the perfect energy supplier for your business. Did you know that using an energy broker can save you time and money? It’s true!  We know you may have questions like what an energy broker even is, or how to find an energy broker near me. Or even, what should I look for in a great energy broker. Read on to learn more about these topics. 

What Is an Energy Broker? 

An energy broker is what we like to call, “the middleman.” That means the broker works with you, the business owner, to find the perfect energy provider for your needs. Brokers do this over and over for all their clients. Thanks to their extensive connections with providers, brokers understand what each provider offers and can help business owners find what they are looking for.   

This saves the business owner the time it would take them to research energy providers, and it brings providers their perfect customers. Better yet, as the broker continues in the same field with the same providers, they start to build a relationship with the providers. This means they may be able to negotiate better deals for their business-owning clients.  

How Do I Find an Energy Broker Near Me? 

The good news is that “energy broker near me” are as simple to find as a quick Google search. This is because Google’s algorithms will show you the most geographically relevant businesses first when you use the search tool. However, just because the energy broker is close does not mean they are the best fit for you. Therefore, there are certain features you should look for in a great energy brokerage.  

What Should I Look for in an Energy Broker? 

If you are new to the idea of energy brokerage, all of this can seem awfully confusing. It’s okay, that’s why we are here. We want you to be comfortable asking questions. In case you are one of the many who like to learn on your own, we have put together a short list of questions that will help you find a great energy broker.  

  • What is their bidding process? The bidding process should include several providers all bidding for your business. If your broker does not consider several providers, they will not secure you the best deal available.  
  • Do they have a license? This is pretty straightforward. If the energy broker is not licensed, do not use them. 
  • How many energy providers do they have a relationship with? A good energy broker will have more than just a handful of providers they work with. As I am sure you have deduced, the more suppliers they have access to and work with regularly, the better deal you will end up with.   
  • How do they create the request for pricing (RFP)? When your energy broker creates an RFP, they need to include your business needs and goals. If they have created a great relationship with you, then they will be able to better craft an RFP that explains your requirements. If your energy broker is not considering your terms, bandwidth, buying/selling, overage/underage, capacity and transmission charges, and more then you should look elsewhere for an energy broker.  
  • How do they handle the contracting process? Your broker should be the buffer between your supplier and you. This means that they can help explain the contract and booking process of each provider. A good energy broker will help you avoid any pitfalls that may be hiding in provider contracts.  
  • What ongoing support do they offer? The answer to this question holds so much value. Your energy broker shouldn’t set up a contract for you and walk away. They should have a plan set out to check in with you and be a resource for you if anything were to go amiss. This includes the ability to prioritize any help tickets that you may need to generate with your energy provider.  

Who is the Best Energy Broker Near Me? 

If you are still wondering ‘who is the best energy broker near me,’ and we may be biased on this one, we dare say we are. Here at GreenStar Solutions, we have relationships with suppliers that increase the value of your energy contracts. We will never leave you high and dry either. At GreenStar, we value our clients and care about your business. We work hand in hand with our clients to ensure that their contracts fit their needs perfectly. Let’s schedule a call to see what we can do for you.  

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