As a business owner, you need the most reliable electricity supplier at the most economical rate – we help you with that!

Benefits of Electricity
for Businesses

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Ease of Use

The electrical power grid is set up for use in every town across the nation. Wherever you set up your business, electricity likely to be set up and ready for your use.


The power grid is a widespread network of wires and towers. With 10 major regional transmission organizations supervising the grid and thousands of maintenance people, power supplied by nuclear power facilities is reliable.


Deregulation has created a competitive atmosphere in the energy world. While you have an overall energy generation plant, the suppliers compete to be your retailer. This competition means discounts for you.

Why Use GreenStar Solutions

GreenStar Solutions energy brokers are ready and waiting to help you find the best pricing and service that fits your business needs. Our dedicated experts have access to a plethora of suppliers. We work with you with full transparency, allowing you to make a worry free and informed decision with no hidden fees. And the best part is we do this at no cost to you.

The Negotiation

By professionally negotiating your contracts now, we can ensure that your pricing will be AT OR BELOW CURRENT MARKET LEVELS and your low, fixed-price contract will not increase with the rising energy market.

No Consultation Fees

Our fee to you – $0.00. We don’t charge you any fee for our consultative services. Regardless of which electric or natural gas company you choose, our fee is paid by the suppliers.

The Convenience

We do all the work for you. As your Consultant, we will perform any necessary task while you are a customer of GreenStar Solutions, so you can focus on your business!

Energy Deregulation

Every business deserves options. Energy Deregulation allows you to choose your electricity and natural gas supplier in certain states.

Before the days of energy deregulation, businesses had very few – if any – choice in their energy supplier. In those dark days, businesses would call the local monopoly and pay whatever price they were told. Because prices were reliant on approved tariffs, which are a result of government-driven regulations, unique customer requirements were often overlooked.

Fast forward to today’s competitive market and savvy business owners pick their energy provider and the specific products they need to meet their unique needs. While this is a good thing, more options can mean more complications and a harder decision process. With this added complexity comes a higher risk. Instead of potential risk, smart business owners turn to energy brokers to help them navigate the markets.

Map of Deregulated Energy States

Energy deregulation is the reason that you can shop for an electricity provider in the first place. It gives you the power to switch your electricity or natural gas supplier and affects how much you will pay. Deregulation gives consumers a choice when it comes to their supplier.

This up-to-date map shows the deregulated electric and gas markets in the US as of 2021.  Keep in mind that no state has a market that is completely deregulated.


Regulated Gas & Electricity Markets

Gas & Electricity Options Available

Limited Availability

Natural Gas Options Available