Why Does the Price of Natural Gas Fluctuate and How Can an Energy Broker Help? 

Price of natural gas

Did you know that, in the U.S. alone, natural gas provides around 30 percent of the energy we use each day? It’s estimated that 100 million American homes rely on it for electricity and heat. Many businesses also invest in natural gas due to its relatively low cost, availability, and safety compared to other fossil […]

<strong>Deregulated Energy Markets 101</strong> 

Energy deregulation

You’ve probably heard the term energy deregulation once or twice but, what exactly does that mean? Energy deregulation means that the consumer is allowed to choose their energy supplier. For example, think of who you pay your electric bill to. That is the supplier for your town. However, in a deregulated area, you can get […]

<strong>Green Business Energy choices for your business</strong> 

Green business energy

Have you heard about green business energy? Maybe not, buy you definitely have heard about global warming. There are many people on both sides of the debate on our waning natural resources, and in years past, the hole in the ozone layer. In more recent times, we have seen that when people are forced to […]

Where Does Your Electricity Come From? 

two men in a electricity plant what is electricity blog

Have you ever wondered what is electricity? In modern times electricity has become a necessity rather than the luxury that it once was. Even though we typically hear about the “invention” of electricity dating back to 600 BCE it is more accurate to say that electricity has always existed but was discovered and further explored […]

Finding A Business Energy Broker Near Me 

woman looking on her computer for energy broker near me

Do you own a business and are you looking for a new “energy broker near me” supplier? If you said yes, this blog is for you! We would like you to consider using an energy broker to help you on your journey to finding the perfect energy supplier for your business. Did you know that […]

What Is an Energy Broker?

What Is An Energy Broker Featured Image

What is an energy broker? If you’re like most businesses, chances are you haven’t heard of an energy broker before. That’s because energy is a resource that we often take for granted. We just turn on the lights, charge our electronics, and pay the bill when it comes due. However, with the growing push towards […]

Why You Should be Using An Energy Consultant

Why Use an Energy Consultant or Broker - hands holding globe with energy solutions surrounding globe

Why should you be using an energy consultant? Lights, cash registers, and computers, what do they all have in common? The energy they use to operate. In this day and age, if you are a business owner, one of your unavoidable monthly bills you must pay is to the electric company. Did you know there are […]